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Life's Dilemmas

Somehow the choices we make define who we are.  When facing a difficult choice, we might call it a "dilemma."  Mainly this section is just for fun.  But every so often it's good to look at the choices we make to see if they are the right ones.  Hopefully you will find this list of "dilemmas" interesting enough to have some fun thinking about your own "dilemmas." 

jeans or tie

drive or fly


britney or pink

feel or think


curly or straight

early or late


new or old

bought or sold


sun or shade

born or made


lemon or lime

nickel or dime


sink or swim

light or dim


bull or bear

round or square

here or there

foul or fair

water or air

truth or dare


coffee or tea

straight or curly

britney or pink

jeans or tie

sushi or tempura

harvard or yale

honeywell or rosemount

ultrasonic or DP

euro or pound

drive or fly

email or phone

sink or swim

baseball or football

yankees or redsox

sunlight or shadow

friends or lovers

dollar or yen

lemon or lime

'n sync or backstreet boys

coke or pepsi

inline or clamp-on

beatles or stones

new-tech or traditional-tech

mononym or duonym

squawk box or today

republican or democrat

smile or frown

bull or bear

work or play


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