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Life's Dilemmas in Verse

Somehow the choices we make define who we are.  When facing a difficult choice, we might call it a "dilemma."  Mainly this section is just for fun.  But every so often it's good to look at the choices we make to see if they are the right ones.  Hopefully you will find this list of "dilemmas" interesting enough to have some fun thinking about your own "dilemmas." 

jeans or tie

drive or fly


britney or pink

feel or think


curly or straight

early or late


new or old

bought or sold


sun or shade

born or made


lemon or lime

nickel or dime


sink or swim

light or dim


bull or bear

round or square

here or there

foul or fair

water or air

truth or dare


Fat or thin

Out or in

Lose or win


Do or die

Truth or lie

Hi or bye

Wet or dry

Cake or pie


Dog or cat

This or that

Thin or fat

Tit for tat


Dark or light

Loose or tight

Day or night


Float or sink

Nod or wink


Bush or Gore

Less or more


Walk or run

Boring or fun

Shade or sun

Lost or won


Real or fake

Stream or lake

Sleep or wake

Pie or cake

Broil or bake

Give or take

Take a break


Glass or cup

Down or up


Soft or loud

Ashamed or proud


Pencil or pen

Rooster or hen

Now and again

pound or yen

boys or men

nine or ten


Sweet or sour

Minute or hour


Snow or rain

Pleasure or pain

Loss or gain

Wax or wane


Rain or snow

High or low

Stop or go

Yes or no

Column or row

Finger or toe

Fast or slow

Tales of woe

Arrow or boe

Buck or doe

Friend or foe

Rake or hoe


Lover or friend

Beginning or end

Break or bend

Keep or send

Give or lend

Save or spend


Start or stop

Mom or pop

Bottom or top


Big or small

Spring or fall

Short or tall


Walk or drive

Four or five

Memorex or live


Right or wrong

Short or long

Sing a song


Smart or dumb

Sing or hum

Hot or cold

Bought or sold

Young or old

Release or hold


Checkers or chess

More or less

What a mess


Sun or moon

Sing a tune

May or june


Body or mind

Cruel or kind

Loosen or bind

Lose or find


Spoon or fork

Mindy or mork

Fish or pork


You or me

Touch or see

C or D

She or he

Q or P

Bound or free

A or B

Coffee or tea


Feeling or thought

Sold or bought

Dropped or caught



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