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Sink or Swim

Reflections in the Sun

Shy and smart

Have a heart


Like to date

Always late

Twist of fate

Love or hate


Cold or cool

Go to school


Learn a lot

Smoke some pot


Love a girl

Take a whirl


Piece of the rock

Thatís a lock

Tick or tock


Meaning of life

Lots of strife

Studied mind

In a bind


Didnít stay

Price to pay


Hit the wall

Take a fall


Catch a break

Near a lake

True or fake


Hit the wall

Take a fall


Go to mass

Have to pass


Do or die

Truth or lie


Fight or flight

Wrong or right

Day or night

What a bite

Get it right


Win the war

Start to soar


Teaching school

Feeling cool


Writing books

Stealing looks


Birds and bees

Pretty please

Youíre a tease


Go to bed

Date and wed


Lots of bliss

Loving this


Gain or pain

Fake or feign


Hide your eyes

Byes and lies

Loosen ties


Cheat or flirt

Harm or hurt


Cry or sob

Steal or rob


Get the dirt

Lose your shirt


Hit the wall

Take a fall


Try again

Count to ten


Catch a wave

Spend and save


Riding high

Do or die


Hit the wall

Take a fall


Find a friend

Start to mend


Write a line

Feeling fine


Jeans at work

What a perk


Take a trip

Now Iím hip


Start to write

What a bite


Nice and tight

Get it right


Fifty times

Making rhymes


Lemons and limes

Nickels and dimes


Fly a kite

Sing a song

Swing along

Drum or gong

Short or long


Lose a wife

Get a life


Swerve the wall

Skip the fall


Find the switch

Strike it rich


Get some fame

Play the game

Still the same

Keep the name


Think a lot

Connect a dot


Point of view

Thatís my cue


Have a clue

Brighter hue


Seeking shades

Making trades


Finding time

Drinking lime


Feeling great

Seldom late


Find a wife

What a life

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